About the Leaders

Brian Taylor

Phillip Hutchins

After joining the 14th Southgate as a beaver in 1993 Phillip progressed through to scouts where he left at the age of 13. He joined the Air Training Corps where he progressed through the ranks leaving at 18 as a Sargent. Phillip re-joined the 14th Southgate as a Assistant Scout Leader in 2006. With a wide range of interests from areonortics through to forensic science Phillip  loos forward to being with the group for many more years

David Catchpole

Starting off with beavers in 1991, David progressed through to Scouts with the 4th Southgate. After finishing university David joined the 14th Southgate as a leader in 2008 with a keen interest in swimming and sports David hopes to be a leader with the group for many years to come

Keith Lawrence

Joining as an assistant leader in 1972 Keith started as a vital member of the group when it was at it’s strongest. Enquiring about an advert looking for Scout Leaders and volunteers in Oakwood Station by Ben Bennett he became a core member of the group. Keith then progressed in the troop becoming a full scout leader when the group consisted of two 60 strong¬†scout troops 3 cub packs and a venture unit . With a keen interest in art, photography and environmental projects Keith is a well established veteran scout leader he has also been known to raise money for scouting by organising bag packing events and even running a marathon.

David Wright

Joining the 14th Southgate in 1995 as a scout. David naturally progressed through to becoming a junior leader and then on to a Assistant Scout Leader. With a keen interests in sports and a range of out door activities David’s experience is a great help to the leader team

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